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Our Loyal Customers

A happy customer makes for a happy business.


Mark Wang & Danny Liu ,Top Real Estate Agent Team


Coral Group Limited provides a great support to our business. Every interaction we have with them is positive, informative and professional. They are a great team.


BCG Construction Group, Silver Award of "House of The Year"


We have been with Iris for three years.
We love the personalised approach and direction she provided.Nothing is ever a problem.


Yi Lu, Principal of Artist School


Very good service and reliable I have been with Iris from more than 2 years. I will definitely recommend Coral Group.

Daydream cafe.jpg

Benjamin Walters, Owner of Daydream Cafe


Iris and the team are more than accountants, they show a genuine interest in your business. They have contributed significantly to our own businesses success over the years. An accountant that is proactively trying to aid you every step of the way. Highly recommend

photo 2 - factory.jpg

Leon Sun, Owner of Oriental Deer Holding Ltd


Iris is very professional and easy to deal with. Always responds within an hour of any query. I been with her for two years and it's been really good experience.

zhang lin_edited.jpg

Lin Zhang & Xiaoxuan Qi, Owner of Board Role-Playing Games Company & Property Developer


From my experience Iris put in a lot of effort to listen and interpret accurately what you task her with. sHe is very present and a pleasure to work with.


Brayden Freeman, Hell Pizza's Youngest Owner

Christchurch CBD

I would highly recommend the team at Coral Group, what a difference they have made to my business freed up the work of accounting stuff so i can do what i do best ! Amazing guidance though issues that one can encounter with growth as well.


Kevin Liu, Owner of Two Hell Pizza Shops


Highly recommend Iris to everyone.
Excellent forward thinking accountants who care about your business.
Fantastic advice from a firm who thinks outside the square.


Jackson Yang, Owner of Two Hell Pizza Shops


I have the confidence in Iris to forge ahead with new projects knowing her expertise and support to guide me through it is always available. Nothing appears to be too big or too small for her team.


Kun Tang, Property Developer


Coral Group Limited offer such amazing service, and support for my business. Best of all, they don't feel like a "big four" accountancy firm, where you are just a number in the system - you definitely feel valued and they really do take the time to get to know your business, financial goals, and put a plan into place to help you thrive. I feel like I am in safe hands for all things business related, and know with Iris and her very competent and friendly team, I can't go wrong.


Mo Chen, CourierPost Contractor


I just wont to say "A BIG THANK YOU" to all the team at Coral Group for their outstanding service and support over the last 5 years!!! You guys just take the stress out of business again and again!!!

Jia Bin.jpg

Jiabin Yin, Director of Salt Factory


Coral Group have been great to work with they have helped me get out of a sticky tax situation and have helped me grow my business. Iris is awesome always there to help me out.


Max Zhao, Owner of Construction Company


Iris and the team at Coral Group have been great since I switched over 2 years ago. Easy to communicate with, happy to answer questions and always quick to reply allowing us to get on with our business. Great job team


Gary Zhang, Property Investor


I am very grateful with the support and service received from Coral Group.
I have recommended Iris to a number of friends/colleagues, as I have appreciated her personal touch.


Ray Wen, Owner of JX Phone Tech


I have dealt with Iris for a number of years now. Prior to that I dealt with multi national accountants. Iris is refreshing to deal with by comparison due to their size as I am no longer a very small fish in a very large pond. They are very professional and timely. I find it a key point of difference that the fee and time of delivery of work is discussed prior to work starting.


​​Eric Zhu, Architector


Iris is an accountant for our company for 3 years now. She is an amazing individual to deal with. Since our company's inception until now over the course of the whole journey, she has been a great accountant, advisor and a teacher. Also the service she provides is high value for money. I wish her all the best.


Vanessa Akinbo, Owner of Dancing School


I've known and been with Iris for five years and she has been managing my business account since then.
With Iris I get good quality job and a great value for my money. Her services are discharged with great speed and enviable professionalism.


Jenny Guo & Stan Shi, Owner of Cleaning Business & Rental Property


Running a business is not a difficult thing when Iris starts helping me. She makes me know how to optimize my accounting decisions and deal with IRD. I also recommend Iris to all my friends who need bussiness help. 
Accounting question please call Iris Yang. Cleaning question Jennystar can help you! Call me now! 0221500855.


Ricci Liu, Owner of Indian Cuisine & Property Developer


Iris have been my accountants for 3 years now.I received a strong impression of understanding and professional care. I still feel that way. Strongly Recommend.


Hugh Zhu, Car Dealer


Coral Group Ltd could be considered one of the smartest moves I have made in business. Good Accountants like Iris are very rare. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She provides a prompt service at a reasonable rate, which is also very hard to find in the industry. If you are serious about having a great Accountant and Advisor on your team, I would strongly recommend Iris


Vitoria Liu, Owner of Swimming School


Iris provides excellent service, good advice and are always available to assist.She is able to turn around my accounts in a very quick manner and I would recommend her highly.

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